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4 Easy Steps to Follow When You Doubt Yourself as an Entrepreneur

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s tenure when you will start to doubt yourself.  Let me correct that…almost everyday as an entrepreneur, you will doubt much everything you do. Doubt is not necessarily a bad thing.  No one knows …

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Stop Making Bad Decisions Now!

Being a Jesus Led Business has less to do with your actual business and more to do with you as the leader of that business.  So let’s talk about you as a leader and what happens when you make decisions …

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3 Ways to Apply Servant Leadership to Your Customers

I am sure you’ve heard the term Servant Leadership before.  From a Biblical perspective, it talks about the role model Jesus gave us in terms of how we should always seek to serve others (and by doing so, serve Him).  …

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Let Jesus Be Your Differentiator: 4 Advantages of Jesus Led Businesses

If your business is anything like mine, you’ve probably noticed a large spike in competition the last few years.  A few months ago I submitted a Federal Government proposal that we felt really good about.  We lost and after talking …

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