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Are you a Member of J.A. (Jesus Anonymous)?

Do you belong to Jesus Anonymous?  The sad thing is I think a lot of people are members and may not even be aware.  Generally the meetings are held on Sunday in a place called church.  Followers of Christ get …

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Let Jesus Be Your Differentiator: 4 Advantages of Jesus Led Businesses

If your business is anything like mine, you’ve probably noticed a large spike in competition the last few years.  A few months ago I submitted a Federal Government proposal that we felt really good about.  We lost and after talking …

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Be a Living Testimony (Part II)–10 Ways to Do it At Work

As I mentioned in Part I of “Be a Living Testimony” religion can be touchy subject these days, especially in the work place.  Well, I think there are ways you can be a living testimony and as Matthew 5:14-16 instructs, …

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All That Glitters is Not Gold: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Hype of What Business Success Looks Like

It’s easy to get wrapped up into a false message of what success is nowadays.  The media showers us with paparazzi driven images of movie stars, entertainers, and athletes and as a society, we eat it up and beg for …

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