Let Jesus Be Your Differentiator: 4 Advantages of Jesus Led Businesses


If your business is anything like mine, you’ve probably noticed a large spike in competition the last few years.  A few months ago I submitted a Federal Government proposal that we felt really good about.  We lost and after talking to the contracting officer, I discovered that he had expected only 10 proposals but received 75!  The only thing I could take pride in was being in the Top 3 of the proposals submitted (but you don’t get any money for that).

I like using freelance talent in my various businesses.  Each time I put out a posting for a small job, I get over 100 applicants.  Some are clearly not qualified for the position but they are out there saying “me too.”  As a buyer, it’s great to have so many candidates to choose from, but it’s also very difficult to get the needle in the haystack to do the work.

So, as a business or freelancer how do you get your voice heard in the crowd?  With all the noise, how can you get decision makers to see your value and pick you for the job?  These days, it’s not just good enough to be the best and expect to win deals.  If you provide the best value there is competition cutting you out of deals on price.  If you think you’re going to win on price, expect some new competitor willing to win the business at any cost to beat you.  Sure, you know the customer won’t be happy, but THEY don’t know that yet.

I would say you need a little advantage; you need someone on your Board of Directors who has connections.  My thought is that you need Jesus on your side.  Now, I’ve talked in the past about how Jesus is not a marketing ploy.  I’m not suggesting you slap on your proposals, “Hey, I believe in Jesus.”  But, I am suggesting that you put Jesus to work in your Back Office so you will have the advantage among your competition.  Here are 4 ways on how:

1.  Prayer Works – If winning business is a competition (and it is) then I’m going to want to go into battle with Jesus on my side.  And prayer does work.  Just reflect on Matthew 7:7-8.  If you haven’t found your prayers answered in the past, check out this post on that subject and follow the steps there to get your prayer action up to speed.  Advantage #1… is to get prayed up and let the Spirit of the Lord give you wisdom (James 1:5) to guide your strategic path.

2.  Reputation is Critical – I would suggest the most important thing you can do to stand above the crowd is to have a strong reputation of consistently delivering great work.   This is how I ultimately pick my vendors.  Ideally, I check into my network to see if anyone who I trust has used their services or product before.  If I don’t find that, then I rely on customer references on the web.  How do you build a good reputation?  By consistently doing what is right for the customer.  You may be thinking, “Well, that is Business 101.  You don’t need to be a Jesus Led Business to consistently deliver good services.”  I agree, you don’t.  But, if you’re NOT consistently making customers happy, then it’s a pretty good indication you’re NOT a Jesus Led Business…or at least you’re not following the instructions laid out in the Bible.  Proverbs 22:1 tells us the value of reputation.  And I would point you to Galatians 5:22-23.  Take a look at the list of character traits that are displayed when you are in tune with Christ.  That is your list of how your business needs to operate with customers to build a good reputation.  Advantage #2…let your reputation shine (Matthew 5:16).

3.  You Have to Have Faith – Jesus talked a lot about faith and how faith spiritually puts things into action.  Take a look at Matthew 17:20, Matthew 21:21, and Mark 10:52 as a few examples.  What I glean from them is that basically you need to trust in the power of Jesus.  If you are clear on your calling in business then understand that while you may lose a few battles, ultimately the victory, and the fulfillment of your calling will be accomplished.  Not through your will but through God’s.  So, have faith that even when things are looking rocky, count on Jesus to come through for you.  Advantage #3…Jesus rewards those who have faith in Him (Hebrews 11:6).

4.  Do the Work – Lastly, you have to put in the effort to win.  A theme that I see throughout the Bible is that God always blesses a person in action (Proverbs 13:4).   Don’t expect business to just drop out the sky and land in your lap.  It’s up to you as the business leader to motivate your team to deliver excellence.   Target the right opportunities, create great proposals, provide excellent customer service, and build upon those successes.  This is where your non-Jesus Led Business competition is putting their focus.  They may not believe there is a God, or at least see no role for God in their business.   Advantage #4…putting in the work AND having that supernatural advantage of the Holy Spirit gives YOU the edge.

If you’re not already doing these 4 steps you should give it a try now so you will have the advantage.  Remember reputation is key to giving you an advantage.  So, if you are faced with some bad decisions you’ve made in the past, you may need to reach out and make amends or at least learn from those mistakes so that your focus is reputation above all else.  A solid reputation (Advantage #1), backed by prayer (Advantage #2), faith (Advantage #3), and hard work (Advantage #4) is my recipe for great success, in business and in life.

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And, in the meanwhile, continue to… Pray About It, Be About It, and Praise About It!

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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