3 Reasons Why Going Debt-Free Was Bad For My Business


After running my first business in debt up to my eyeballs for 10 years, I became a convert to the debt-free club in 2010 and haven’t fallen off the wagon since then.  For me, it was a combination of getting …


Focus on Getting Paid! (Part III): 4 Ways to Kick Your Accounts Receivable Process in Overdrive


So, in Part-I of this blog series, “Focus on Getting Paid,” we laid out the importance of improving your accounts receivable (AR) process to improve the success of your business. In Part-II we discussed how to measure and assess the …


Focus on Getting Paid! (Part II): 2 Important Measures to Monitor in Your Accounts Receivable Process to Get Paid On Time


In Part 1 of this 3-Part blog series we talked about the importance of having an optimized accounts receivables process and how critical it is to your company’s cash flow as well as importance to being a good steward of …


Focus on Getting Paid! (Part I): 3 Things You Are Doing That Prevent You From Getting Your Money On Time


Sometimes we focus so hard on performing contracts or trying to earn more work that we let one of the most critical aspects of business take a back seat, getting paid!  Happy customers by themselves are not enough, if we …

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