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Our vision is to share ideas that help business owners and entrepreneurial-minded readers learn, grow, and get inspired.

Question: So why call it “Jesus” Led Business?  

Answer: Well that’s the twist.  I believe the Bible is the best instruction guidebook there is for living a great life and while some people tend to separate business and religion, I see it differently.   What I have experienced over the many years of being a business owner is that my faith in Jesus and the lessons I have learned from the Bible on how to live a better life translate perfectly into the skills and characteristics needed to run a successful business.

Jesus Led Business was created with the following mission in mind:

  • Help businesses grow by providing easy to understand business advice in the areas of finances, operations, technology, sales, marketing, customer service, work/life balance, human resources, and management.
  • Provide inspiration for Christian-believing business owners so they can start to identify how the principles Jesus provide us for living applies equally well to business.
  • Create a vibrant community where entrepreneurs can express their faith and collaborate with other business owners.

Question: What if I don’t believe in Jesus?

Answer: Well, I’m hoping you’ll find that the great thing about this website is you don’t have to believe in Jesus to gain something from the site, or to contribute something to it.  First and foremost, we’re looking to give you hard-core, actionable, solid business advice to help you run your business better.   It just so happens that the instructions that God gives us in the Bible make a whole lot of common sense and I aim to show you that.   It’s up to you if you want to accept the Biblical concepts as the word of God or just something that seems to fit the business situation being discussed.

Here’s the real deal.  I think faith and religion are important parts of society.   And while I believe Jesus is our living God and Savior, I respect that you may believe something totally different.  It’s almost become taboo to talk about God and explicitly using the name Jesus anywhere outside of a Christian church these days.  This is partly because we have generally become more and more disrespectful to each other in society.  Add religion into an already tense environment and things can literally become explosive these days.

Question: What are the ground rules for posting comments on this website?

Answer: In this little digital space of the world called www.jesusledbusiness.com. I am establishing some new rules regarding the discussion of religion, life, and business and I hope you’ll join with me:

  1. My belief and faith in Jesus in no way aims to offend, infer that my God is better than your God, or assume that my way of thinking is somehow better than yours.
  2. It is officially cool to talk about Jesus and God and how your life and business have been improved by your relationship with Him.
  3. We’re not theologians.  We’re not here to debate about the construction of the bible, the virtues or non-virtues of different religions, if God is male or female, or how Adam and Eve populated the world.  We’re here to learn more about business, life, and technology.
  4. We’re not trying to convert anyone.  In my opinion, ultimately God chooses us.  If you don’t get the spiritual aspect of the discussion, I can’t convince you and I’m not going to try.  I see my role as just laying the seeds.
  5. Most important ground rule is to be respectful.

We’re just getting started on this grand experiment.  Hopefully, you’ll decide to hang around and gain from the content on the site, contribute to the discussion, and most importantly, grow your business and be blessed!


About Us

Our vision is to share ideas that help business owners and entrepreneurial-minded readers learn, grow, and get inspired.

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